“I’m an Original Lesbian and I Will Never Date a Man again in My Life “Notiflow Vows.

Renowned Kenyan female celebrity, entrepreneur, and musician, Notiflow, recently made a public revelation that she has embraced her identity as a lesbian and has no intention of dating men in the future. This revelation came as she surprised her ex-girlfriend, Kinglami, with a brand new Volkswagen as a birthday gift, acknowledging Kinglami’s loyalty and romance throughout their almost year-long relationship.

The couple is approaching their anniversary in May, and Notiflow expressed her contentment, stating that she has finally found the love she had been searching for.

Notiflow declared her readiness to commit to a lifelong partnership with Kinglami, emphasizing the depth of love that women possess. This decision to embrace a lesbian identity followed a series of unsuccessful relationships with well-known public figures, where Notiflow faced challenges such as abuse and infidelity. She reflected on the difficult moments of her past and expressed gratitude for having found someone who genuinely loves her, recognizes her worth, and treats her with utmost respect—qualities she finds in Kinglami.

In her current state of happiness, Notiflow contrasted her past experiences with men, highlighting the positive treatment she receives from her girlfriend, Kinglami. Notiflow’s journey, shaped by past toxic relationships, led her to the LGBTQ community, where an increasing number of Kenyan women are finding solace and acceptance.

The prevalence of toxic relationships has contributed to a growing acceptance of diverse sexual orientations, with a noticeable rise in the number of lesbians in Kenya. This shift suggests a normalization of LGBTQ identities within the society.