“You are very lazy, get up and work” Vera Sidika takes a swipe at Gen Z

Vera Sidika is not stepping down to make way for anyone, particularly those from Gen Z who are suggesting that she and her celebrity peers should retire.

Vera Sidika’s response comes shortly after some individuals left harsh comments on Catherine Kamau’s post, urging her to step aside to create opportunities for new actors.

According to these critics, the actress did not deserve to be included among the celebrities who accompanied the president

on a trip to the US.

In response, Vera Sidika emphasized that success comes from hard work. She asserted that contrary to what Gen Z might believe, no one will be stepping down to make space for people who are unwilling to put in the effort.

Sidika stressed that there is room for everyone. At 33/34 years old, she believes this age is when people truly begin to understand themselves and their purpose. This period marks the beginning of adulthood, unlike one’s twenties, which she views as a time of uncertainty and self-discovery.

Regardless of age, whether in their twenties or thirties, Vera Sidika insisted that there is room for everyone at the top, and what truly matters is hard work.