Slay queen captured on camera pantless as She exposes her ‘honey pot’ (VIDEO)
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Pantless Slay queen captured on camera as She exposes her ‘honey pot’ (VIDEO)

The internet has erupted after a chocolate-cleaned city slay queen threw caution to the wind and turned up in a popular club in Westlands pantless.

The pantless lady was shaking a figure-embracing mustard dress with a long cut, exposing her goodies to anybody intrigued to see.

Her amble thighs and ‘honey pot’ were exposed to the revelers in broad daylight and in spite of being indecently dressed, she kept on partying hard while shamelessly displaying her private parts.

Taking a gander at the viral video, she was enjoying the attention that she was getting in the club.

Netizens have overwhelmed social media and condemned the lighthearted slay queen.

Here’s the trending video and some of the reactions from Netizens.

It’s a crazy world we live in nowadays morals and self-respect went out the window a long time ago.

Wasichana wajiheshimu

Tumekubali ni fashion but at the end of the day…decency matters..

Hapo anatoka na rent

Wait. Mimi niko na swali. Utatembeaje na hio slit yote bila panty? Si ukikanyaga tu utaonyesha your entire reproductive system. Aaaiii.

What was her motive??? That ain’t fashion..Hata angefunika uso Basi

Si itakuwa imechafuka na vumbi by the time rave is over

This video vixen Ako soko itabidi mfike bei