I Made My First Million Selling CD'S ,Comedian Man Kush claims

I Made My First Million Selling CD’S ,Comedian Man Kush claims

Making your initial first million can be probably the best moment in your life. Be that as it may, very few people have been fortunate to accomplish this. Indeed the once Churchill Show comedian Man Kush turns out to be among the few who made their first million a decade ago.

Man Kush disclosed to the world how he made his first million and how he saved it. Talking during an interview with MC Jesse, Man Kush said he made his initial million moments before getting his lastborn son.

He revealed that he raked in boatloads of cash selling music tapes in Nairobi and other parts of the country.

He added that he also used to make money through his evangelism missions. The claimed he didn’t bank the cash but used to save it by stashing it under the bedding he used to sleep on with his wife.

”Before I became a pastor I was an evangelist. I have been to nearly all markets in Nairobi. I used to preach the word and also sell cassettes. Let me tell you, my lastborn was born on a mattress that had about KSh 1 million stashed in,” Kush revealed.

The righteous man affirmed that even with his savings, his wife had no idea there was cash under the mattress. Man Kush’s disclosure came around two months after he explicitly asserted ladies were not created to love

As per the comedian, men should run whenever ladies declare love for them. Man Kush, during an interview on Citizen TV ,blatantly stated women cannot love as they “were not created” to do so. He insisted that women do not have love and it is only men who were ”blessed” with it

Kush emphasized that people ought to understand ladies just respond to their men’s affection and love by offering back accommodation and not love, as believed by many.