“Sitaki Ndoa tena”: Ssaru Makes U-turn On Marriage Shortly After Setting Bride Price At 1 Billion

Gengetone artist Ssaru, also known as Manyaru, recently made a surprising announcement regarding her stance on marriage shortly after setting her bride price at an astonishing Ksh 1 billion.

In a conversation with a digital journalist, Ssaru disclosed that she has had a change of heart about marriage, despite receiving attention from several men in her direct messages (DMs).

The talented singer from Kayole expressed that although her initial bride price was set at Ksh 1 billion, she has now decided that marriage is not a priority for her. She emphasized that her perspective on marriage may evolve over time, and consequently, the bride price may fluctuate as well.

Addressing those who expressed dismay at the high bride price, Ssaru clarified that her message was not directed towards them. She asserted that she is focused on individuals with substantial financial means.

Moreover, Ssaru shared her observations about the influx of suitors in her DMs, highlighting that this experience has contributed to her decision to forgo marriage.

However, she made it clear that her disinterest in marriage does not imply a refusal to date. Rather, she believes that timing is crucial, suggesting that she may consider dating in the future, albeit without the intention of marriage.

Ssaru affirmed her revised stance on marriage, asserting that she has changed her mind and no longer desires to pursue it, emphasizing her preference to focus on other aspects of her life.