Andrew Kibe Opens up on Eating Kamene Goro

Andrew Kibe, a highly controversial content creator, recently opened up about his relationship with the renowned media personality and Kiss FM radio presenter, Kamene Goro.

During an interview with Commentator while residing in the USA, Kibe clarified the nature of their connection. Despite appearances and speculations during their time working together, Kibe emphasized that their relationship was strictly professional. Despite perceptions that they might be romantically involved, Kibe asserted that they were not actually dating.

According to Kibe, their camaraderie was a result of their shared professional collaboration. The dynamics of their work created a strong chemistry between them, leading to the assumption by some that they were romantically linked.

However, once their professional collaboration came to an end, so did their connection. The shared experiences that had bound them together disappeared, leaving them with little to talk about and no reason to maintain their friendship. Kibe explicitly stated that they do not communicate with each other at present, and their friendship ceased to exist when their working relationship concluded.

In a viral video, Kamene Goro confirmed that she and Kibe are no longer in touch and have parted ways as friends. While she acknowledged the change in their relationship status, she did not disclose the specific reasons behind the dissolution of their friendship.