“Si Hata Wewe Uibe”: Millicent Omanga Claps Back At A Netizen

Millicent Omanga recently found herself responding to a critical netizen who chose to disparage her amidst her positive social media post. On Twitter, the politician shared a charming photo of herself with a caption expressing her support for others until her own opportunities arise. She also extended well wishes for a beautiful week ahead.

However, a netizen known as Landlord took a different route, opting to criticize Omanga by labeling her as a thief and questioning her right to applaud others. The comment read, “Your turn na wewe ni mwizi!!!, LMAO.”

Unfazed, Omanga boldly countered the criticism, suggesting that if they believe she is a thief, they might as well engage in thievery themselves. “Si hata wewe uibe,” she responded.

This exchange occurred shortly after Omanga had proudly announced the acquisition of a brand new Range Rover 2024 series, which she shared across her social media platforms, causing the news to spread rapidly.

In addition to showcasing her new vehicle, Omanga emphasized that her primary intention for posting such updates is to inspire others and to testify to the workings of the divine in her life. “We show it to encourage others. Yote ni kwa nguvu zako Ebenezer,” she affirmed.