Karagu Kimani: A 17-year-old Form Two Student, Who Went From Selling Clothes, to Owning A Club Valued At 200 Million

Though many may disagree, the fact remains that this man has a story to tell. Despite all of the controversy surrounding him.

KRG The Don’s real name

Kenyan dancehall musician Karagu Kimani, also known as KRG The Don, is a business tycoon who runs several companies under his name.

KRG The Don age

He was born in January 1991. In 2023, I will be 32 years older.

Is KRG The Don a billionaire? He is, indeed. KRG The Don’s net worth is estimated to be 4 billion Kenya shillings.
According to KRG The Don, his path to becoming a millionaire began in high school. When he was only 17 years old. He used to save some of the little pocket money he received from his father. The amount that changed his life.

His friends were also a part of the musician’s success; they could give him money for KRG to keep him safe until the school’s closure dates arrived. To reach his goal, he was forced to use some of his friends’ cash, as well as his own, to start a clothing business while still in school.

KRG The Don told the media in an interview that studying in Uganda while staying in Kenya was advantageous to him. He could buy clothes in Uganda and sell them in Kenya with the money he had saved.

“Nilikuwa nanunua nguo hivi from Uganda then nakuja kuuza Kenya. Nlikuwa naunda like a profit of ksh 300,000 from the 100,000 nlikuwa natumia kubuy izo nguo” Said KRG The Don

KRG The Don had already made his first million by the time he graduated from high school as a 19-year-old. This was the time he acquired his first car.

However, his passion for business did not stop there; he decided to invest in a variety of ways, including the purchase and sale of cars and land, generating millions of shillings

What does KRG The Don do for a living?

Despite owning several high-end vehicles and businesses in the country, KRG the Don is still working hard to chase more cash. He is still pushing his music career as well as his business. As a musician, he has had several hit songs, and his music has sold both locally and internationally.

KRG The Don. Photo courtesy.

KRG The Don club

KRG owns the well-known Casavera Lounge along Ngong Road. The club is estimated to be worth 200 million Kenya shillings.

KRG The Don songs

The dancehall musician has released a few singles and collaborations. ‘Summer time’, ‘We run this’ ft Magix Enga, ‘Mathogothanio’ ft Sailors, and ‘Wheel it’ ft DJ Lyta are among them. Released in the year 2019 and 2020, respectively.