Tears Of Joy As A Man Finally Graduates After 17 Years in College

TX — Houston Houston, Texas native T. Terrell “Ian” Parker has completed his undergraduate degree 17 years after first enrolling. He enlisted in the United States Army and took his first college course in August of 2004.

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There have been a number of factors, including his job, that have delayed his graduation until now. Houston’s historically black Texas Southern University is where he completed his undergraduate degree.

“Took me 17 long years, but I did it,” Parker wrote on LinkedIn, paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln. Although I move slowly, I never go backward.

People’s comments generally praised Parker for his doggedness.

Yes, that’s great as long as you did it! Everyone’s journey to success is unique, but those who keep their focus and keep going are successful. Wishing you the best for your future endeavors, one person wrote.

“It’s never too late for greatness!” exclaimed someone else.