Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze Moves Back to The Village To Hustle

Ngesh, the acclaimed artist behind the hit track “Kaveve Kazoze,” has sparked widespread attention online with her recent video documenting her return to her village to make ends meet.

This move comes in light of Ngesh and her team’s public admission of financial struggles, citing an inability to meet their expenses due to unstable finances. Allegedly, prominent figures in Kenyan politics, such as Mike Sonko and Karen Nyamu, made promises to support them that have yet to materialize.

Despite gaining recognition and amassing over 4.2 million views on YouTube for their song, Ngesh and her team claim they haven’t earned a single penny from it. Moreover, they haven’t secured any live performances or brand partnerships, exacerbating their financial woes despite their growing celebrity status.

In the video, Ngesh, under the backdrop of her Nyandarua homeland, is depicted engaging in menial tasks such as washing clothes, accompanied by the well-known “Mwalimu wa math” catchphrase.

“Enyewe Mwalimu wa maths alisema sitaenda mbali,” Ngesh remarks as she tends to her chores. It appears that the musician has made the decision to relocate back to her rural roots, seeking solace and perhaps a fresh perspective. There’s a glimmer of hope that she may return to Nairobi in due time, provided circumstances permit.

While many musicians typically receive job offers during the holiday season, Ngesh’s situation seems to be an exception. Despite her efforts to stay musically active, the lack of gigs has compelled her to retreat to rural life for the time being.