“Icii ni guii kabisaa” Pastor Ng’ang’a reacts to Kanyari receiving pack of condoms in church

Pastor Ng’ang’a has added his voice to the chorus of criticism aimed at Pastor Kanyari following the controversial condom incident that occurred in church approximately a week ago.

In the wake of widespread disapproval, including condemnation from leaders of other faiths, Pastor Kanyari faced further admonishment, this time from his fellow pastor, Ng’ang’a, who did not mince words in his reproach.

During a church service on May 27th, Ng’ang’a openly referred to the embattled pastor as foolish and likened his actions to those of a stray dog.

“Today, let me address this matter…,” Ng’ang’a asserted to his congregation, broaching the topic of the condom incident.

“Heaven forbid! It’s as if Satan has taken ordinary people, dressed them in clergy robes, and then closed down churches. And now, he’s weakening believers by introducing the distribution of condoms in church,” Ng’ang’a passionately expressed.

Ng’ang’a’s critique of Kanyari
While Ng’ang’a has a reputation for making unconventional statements and occasionally rebuking leaders and congregants within the church, he emphasized that he has never resorted to using sensational tactics involving women to make a point during his own services.

Indeed, Ng’ang’a is known for his unpredictable mood swings, sometimes interrupting his sermons to express his candid thoughts when he perceives situations going awry.

In addressing Pastor Kanyari, Ng’ang’a opted not to mention names, perhaps out of concern for potential legal repercussions from the pastor he was reprimanding.