“I cannot walk on sinful ground”Meet Mwangi Pastor From Githurai Who Cannot Walk On The Sinful Ground He Is Carried

In the bustling town of Githurai, Pastor John Mwangi stands out as a devout clergyman deeply committed to avoiding sinful environments. Rather than setting foot on what he deems as morally compromised terrain, he relies on his followers to transport him wherever he needs to be.

Leaders within religious communities, commonly referred to as clergy or priests, wield considerable influence in guiding and shepherding their congregations.

In today’s world, characterized by rapid changes and heightened anxieties about the future, there is a prevailing belief in the imminent apocalypse.

Pastor John Mwangi, a respected figure in Githurai, staunchly maintains that he occupies sacred ground, making certain areas forbidden to him due to their perceived proximity to the divine. His interpretation of “sinful ground” suggests places tainted by acts of violence or injustice. This revelation recently surfaced through a post on John Kamau’s official Facebook page approximately three hours ago.