Murugi Munyi: I Quit My Well-Paying Job to Focus on Loving My Husband Alone

Content creator and influencer Murugi Munyi recently opened up about her life in a candid interview on a podcast that focuses on financial matters. She shared insights into her decision to leave her initial job and the challenges she faced in managing her spending habits.

Munyi’s departure from her first workplace was not prompted by dissatisfaction with the job itself, but rather by the magnetic pull of love. She and her now-husband, Zach, met at work, and despite the challenges of working together, their relationship blossomed.

“I met my husband at my workplace. I left the job because we were in a relationship and worked in the same department. It felt awkward—not that I reported to him, but working with someone you have a permanent sensual connection with is just not ideal. I couldn’t focus, so one of us had to leave. I trusted my ability to find another job, and besides, he had financial stability.”

In addition to discussing her professional journey, Murugi delved into her personal financial habits, admitting to a tendency to overspend. She acknowledged that this behavior hindered her from accumulating tangible assets.

Reflecting on her financial choices, Murugi shared her realization and the steps she is actively taking to address the issue, seeking guidance from a therapist.

“I tend to overspend because I know money will come back. I’m currently addressing this with a therapist. Even when I had a well-paying job, I wasn’t saving. Now, I make sure to save, and I’m also investing,” Murugi revealed.

During her employment, Murugi’s husband played a significant role in handling financial responsibilities, covering expenses such as school fees and rent. Murugi acknowledged a lack of substantial assets from her past earnings and expressed regret for not prioritizing savings.