“Maskio zitableed!” – Andrew Kibe lists 8 Kenyan musicians who sing ‘horrible’ music -

“Maskio zitableed!” – Andrew Kibe lists 8 Kenyan musicians who sing ‘horrible’ music

Diana B, the spouse of Bahati, expressed her strong criticism of YouTuber Andrew Kibe, who consistently targeted her in his videos. She chose to respond through a diss track that she released recently.

As expected, Mr. Lambistic, also known as Andrew Kibe, couldn’t remain silent in the face of Diana’s accusations. He promptly retaliated, delivering his response without any filter.

Through a YouTube video he uploaded, Kibe levied accusations against Diana, suggesting that she had been involved in multiple affairs before settling down with Bahati, or Kabahanye as he preferred to refer to him.

Kabahanye, too, did not escape Kibe’s criticism. He received a share of censure for prioritizing his wife’s content development project over his own music career.

Kibe didn’t stop there. He went on to compile a list of Kenyan celebrities whom he believed should refrain from pursuing singing careers any further.

According to Kibe’s assessment, these musicians should avoid setting foot in a recording studio ever again:

“Some songs are just not worth listening to – Wahu, Size 8, the neighborhood ‘poko’ – Diana B (she should quit altogether); even the donkey (KRG The Don), we shouldn’t have to endure those songs…”

“Who else produces terrible music? There’s another one called Avril – it’s like your ears start bleeding… even Akothee, her songs make it sound like there’s a constant flow of blood coming out of your ears…”

“We’ve had our share of awful musicians in Kenya… Ringtone also shouldn’t be seen near a studio, he shouldn’t open his mouth at all, especially when accompanied by Embarambamba…” he concluded.

To view the video, click on this link.

Here are a few reactions from Kibe’s fans that we’ve gathered:

Jimmie Kamau: Kenyan musicians often have impressive visuals but lack substance in their content.

Shiko Lydiah Steve: Wahu is doing well✅

Young Billionaire: This is why I appreciate Luo music; even if I don’t comprehend it fully, it’s meaningful.

Vincent Hulk Asirikwa: Shosh, you’re being quite critical 😂😝

Mimi Busara: I don’t engage with Kenyan music; there’s an excess of nonsense!

Abdi A Mohamed: Diana Bahati simply needs an effective manager to keep her away from the recording studio.

Shujaa Nelson Matoke: Uplifting individuals doesn’t involve tearing them down. Offering solutions is more productive.

Mentos Kentos Thanos: This is undeniably comical 😂, you might end up bleeding through your headphones 😷 🤣 😆 😂 😄

Rotichson Tonui: This is why I listen to Sweet Star, Faith Therui, and Alex Kasau.

Hezron Kibet Biwot: Wahu is doing fine. Was it necessary to include Embarambara’s video at the end? 😂😂😂

Isabwa Wa Agava: 😂😂😂 On the other hand, Kibe’s statements are surprisingly accurate. That’s when I began to realize…