Kapkeno: How Man U fan almost died while eating crate of eggs after Humiliating defeat -

Kapkeno: How Man U fan almost died while eating crate of eggs after Humiliating defeat

On Sunday, September 3rd, the Kenyan artist Thomas Kiptanui Kemboi, known for his work in the secular music scene among the Kalenjin community, found himself in a rather peculiar situation. In a bold and somewhat ill-advised move, he publicly wagered that he would consume an entire crate of eggs if Manchester United were to lose to Arsenal in a highly anticipated football match. His commitment to this bet was documented on social media, as he posed with a sign that boldly proclaimed, “I will eat one crate of eggs if Arsenal wins against Manchester United. @kapkeno.”

Unfortunately for Kemboi, fate took an unexpected turn as Arsenal triumphed over Manchester United with a final score of 3-1, leaving him with an unconventional debt to repay.

In an attempt to uphold his promise and entertain his fans, Kemboi embarked on the unusual endeavor of boiling and consuming a whole crate of eggs, broadcasting the spectacle on Facebook Live. However, what initially appeared as a lighthearted and comical undertaking quickly took a grim turn when he reached the 15th egg. In an alarming turn of events, he suddenly fainted, prompting immediate concern from his viewers.

Kemboi was swiftly rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention, as it became evident that his peculiar gastronomic challenge had taken a severe toll on his health.

Reflecting on the incident in an interview with Standard Digital, the 27-year-old artist shared his perspective on the ill-fated wager. He revealed that he had felt compelled to honor his promise due to the relentless pressure from his enthusiastic fans following Arsenal’s victory.

“I had publicly declared that if Manchester United lost, I would consume an entire crate of eggs,” Kemboi explained. “So, when that unfortunate outcome occurred, I proceeded to boil a full crate of eggs and broadcasted it on Facebook. You know how passionate fans can be; I managed to consume up to the 15th egg. However, at that point, I began experiencing discomfort, and later I lost consciousness. It was then discovered that my digestion had been severely affected, leading to my hospitalization the following day.”

In a peculiar and unexpected twist, Kemboi not only fulfilled his unusual promise but also unwittingly endangered his health and well-being in the process. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of making impulsive commitments on social media platforms, especially when they involve unconventional challenges with health risks.