“I wish you nothing but a bad life, Idiot!” Mejja’s Ex Wife -

“I wish you nothing but a bad life, Idiot!” Mejja’s Ex Wife

Kenyan singer Mejja and his ex-lover Milly Wairimu seem to still be entangled in their failed relationship. The pair has been blaming each other for their breakup, and it has all played out in public. Despite their fallout, Milly appears to be having a difficult time moving on. On Mejja’s birthday, Milly publicly slandered him, wishing him nothing but a bad life and saying he must pay for his wicked ways.

Milly’s behavior towards Mejja seems to be extreme, especially since Mejja seems to ignore her jabs and move on with his life. It appears that their failed relationship has led to bitter feelings and a desire to hurt each other publicly.

The situation between the two ex-lovers has become a topic of discussion among their fans, with many questioning Milly’s actions. Despite this, it appears that Milly is not concerned about how her behavior is perceived by others.

As Mejja celebrates his birthday with his fans, Milly has joined the bandwagon but in a different way. While others are wishing Mejja blessings and favor on his special day, Milly is not afraid to express her opposite wishes.

It remains unclear what led to the fallout between the two, but it is clear that their relationship has ended on a bitter note. Perhaps it is time for them to move on and focus on their individual lives instead of engaging in public jabs and slandering each other.

In conclusion, Mejja and Milly’s failed relationship has resulted in bitter feelings and public jabs. While Mejja seems to ignore Milly’s behavior, Milly appears to be unable to move on. It is time for them to focus on their individual lives and move on from their failed relationship.