Pastor Kanyari Opens Up On His love For Tizian, Nampenda , Ni Karembo and Very Handsome.

Prophet Victor Kanyari, known for his self-proclaimed divine connections, recently caused a flurry of reactions online with his unexpected confession during a live session on TikTok. In an unprecedented move, he openly expressed his admiration for Tizian Savage, a prominent figure in Kenya’s TikTok community, showering him with compliments and accolades.

During the live broadcast, Kanyari effusively lauded Tizian Savage, hailing him as one of Kenya’s foremost TikTok influencers whom he deeply respects and admires. He began by commending Savage’s distinctive hairstyle, remarking on its charm and suggesting that he might consider adopting a similar style himself.

In a bold proclamation, Kanyari publicly declared his admiration for Tizian Savage, lauding him as the epitome of humility among Kenyan TikTokers. Furthermore, he extended congratulations to Savage for his recent acquisition of a brand-new Audi A7, which he reportedly purchased through earnings from his TikTok endeavors.

The revelation comes in the wake of Kanyari’s earlier gesture of gifting Tizian Savage with a substantial sum of money, amounting to Ksh. 50,000. This generous act raised eyebrows and prompted speculation among observers, given Kanyari’s history of controversies. Many questioned the underlying motive behind such a sizable gift, considering Kanyari’s past scandals.

For those curious to witness the revelation firsthand, the link to the video of Pastor Kanyari expressing his admiration for Tizian Savage and elucidating the reasons behind his admiration is provided below.