political activist and comedian Eric Omondi reveals plans to Marry Lynne

Kenyan political activist and comedian Eric Omondi recently announced his intentions to wed Lynne, the mother of his adorable daughter, Kayla Omondi.

In a conversation with the media, often dubbed as The Self-Proclaimed President of Comedy, Eric hinted at an impending traditional marriage ceremony with Lynne. He emphasized his preference for the traditional approach, distinguishing it from the trends observed among the younger generation. However, Eric chose to keep the details of the bride price undisclosed, teasing that surprises are his style.

“When it comes to our wedding, we’ll stick to tradition because, well, I’m old-fashioned… you know, Eric Omondi… I like to keep people guessing,” Eric shared.

Accompanying Eric during the media interaction was Lynne, who offered her perspective on her partner. She described Eric as a remarkable individual who adeptly balances his professional commitments with family life.

“There’s Eric Omondi, the public figure, and then there’s Eric Omondi, my partner and Kayla Omondi’s father,” Lynne remarked, illustrating the multi-faceted nature of their relationship.

Lynne elaborated on what drew her to Eric, highlighting his selfless nature that became apparent early in their acquaintance. She recounted an instance where Eric gallantly swapped shoes with her when her own were causing discomfort, demonstrating his thoughtfulness and consideration.

“I was most drawn to him because he selflessly gave me his shoes when mine were hurting my feet. He walked barefoot while I wore his slippers,” Lynne reminisced.

Moreover, as a mother, Lynne offered a piece of advice to women, encouraging them to seek partners who demonstrate responsibility and diligence, rather than solely prioritizing wealth, which she acknowledged can be fleeting.