Man in Tears after sending Ksh.94K to girlfriend while Drunk -

Man in Tears after sending Ksh.94K to girlfriend while Drunk

A WhatsApp conversation between a man and his lover has ignited a wide range of responses from Kenyan netizens. The exchange culminated in a bitter disappointment as the woman casually revealed that she was currently enjoying herself at her ex-lover’s residence.

The conversation commenced with the man enthusiastically sharing news about receiving his salary. He conveyed his excitement with a heartfelt message, saying, “How are you, my love? 😍 I want to inform you that I’ve just received my salary.”

Sensing an opportunity, the girlfriend wasted no time in responding. She inquired, “Wow, okay. How much did you get, babe?”

Filled with affection, the man promptly divulged that he had a total of Ksh. 95,000 at his disposal. He was keen to know how much he should send to the love of his life.

In her reply, the lady revealed that she urgently required Ksh. 90,000 to have her hair done. She explained that she already had Ksh. 2,000 but needed an additional Ksh. 90,000 to cover the expenses. She stated, “Alright, send 90K. The cost of the hairstyle is 92K, and I have an extra 2K to cover it, babe.”

Taking his affection a step further, the man generously offered to send Ksh. 94,000. He expressed, “No, no. I’ll send 94K. I’ll keep the remaining 1K for my meals. I love you so much, Angel 😍.”

However, the elation of this moment was short-lived. Immediately after completing the financial transaction, the man inquired about the whereabouts of his lover.

“I’m at my ex’s place. I went there to pick something up. Let’s talk later,” she casually responded.

The Kenyan online community reacted with a mix of amusement and disbelief:

@Shiru Lynn: 🤔🤔🤔😄 Angels on earth? Nah, this can’t be real 🤣🤣🤣

@Ann Kabirithu: Seriously, where is she? I’d gladly take the position of the side chick!

@Queen Esther: No worries, I’m off to visit heaven and have a chat with angels too 🤣