I found ARVs in my husband’s pocket and I knew he had affected me with AIDS

My name is Jackline and one year ago, my husband decided to betray me in the worst way possible. At first, when he started cheating on me, I did not think it would end up in tears like it did.

He started going to the club and coming home late than usual stinking of alcohol. I would see condoms in his pocket and it was obvious he was having sex with the prostitutes in clubs. I tried asking him to stop with the bad behaviour and though he would promise to stop, he did not actually stop. woman holds her head in pain - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

His situation became worse when women started giving me reports of how my husband had become a community husband. Every time, women would tell me they saw my husband with a certain woman and the next day they would tell me of a different woman. Though I tried defending him, I knew his promiscuity problem was endangering our marriage and bringing shame to me.

One Saturday, as I was doing his laundry, I found a packet of ARV medicines in his jacket’s pocket and they were opened where two of them had been taken. I was super surprised that my hubby was taking ARVs. In that moment I froze and wondered what was going on. I convinced myself that they were not his but somebody else but I decided to ask him who they belonged to.

He had gone to work and he was to come that evening. I could not wait so I decided to go to the hospital and get tested because my husband and I were very sexually active and I knew that if those ARVs were his then I was not lucky.

Have you felt courage leave your body and your feet wobble as if you will collapse? That was how I felt when I reached at the hospital to get tested of HIV. But I decided to encourage myself since the sooner I knew my status the better the chances of living a healthy life. young woman checks her blood pressure at home - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

I had sworn if I found out I was HIV negative I would have left my husband that day since it dawned on me that he was really endangering my life with his prostitution. I went for counselling and the doctor ran the tests and after some few minutes my worst fear came to reality; I had HIV/ AIDS and worse, I was in stage two since it had stayed in my body for long.

I really wept with regret that day in the hospital. I wished I could have listened to my friends who had warned me my husband would bring AIDS to me due to the way he was sleeping with many women.

I went home, thinking of how I would confront my husband. He came home a little early that day and he found me in bed. He said hi, and I immediately burst out in tears and asked him if he had infected me with the virus and failed to tell me. He went silent for around a minute because he did not think I would ever find out.

“I am very sorry. When I found out I had HIV, I was scared to tell you and I decided to keep it to myself,” my husband shamelessly said.

I was very furious with him. I cried and asked him why he had decided to end my life after I had been a good wife to him. He was so embarrassed that he ran out of the house that night. We had two children and I was so scared that both of us would die and leave them orphans.

Within weeks, my health deteriorated and I was always in and out of hospital where doctors would tell me I had less than a year to live since the virus had stayed long in my body. One day, while leaving the hospital looking very weak, one lady stopped me and asked me what was wrong with me. a young girl is sitting on the couch at home with her head in her hands. - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

“My husband infected me HIV and I am almost dying,” I told the lady.

She told me to visit Doctor Mugwenu who would use herbs and spells to heal me. I could not believe that it was possible to get healed of HIV. I immediately called him with the number the lady had given me. Doctor Mugwenu indeed told me he could completely heal me of the disease.

I met him the next day and he gave a concoction to drink. Later on, he cast a spell to chase out the disease from my body. Believe it or not in a matter of one week, I started being strong again. Two weeks later, I went for a HIV test which came out negative. I was so happy and even the doctors could not believe me.

My husband, who had left me and went to live with one of his prostitutes saw me some weeks later and he could not believe how beautiful I was. I told him I was free of the disease.

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