EX- Mother-In-Law Actress Aida Alisha Narrates Horror Of Getting Married To A Luo Man

Alisha and Roy Upton entered into matrimony with a vibrant wedding ceremony on the 17th of August 2013.

However, their marital union was brief, as Alisha and Roy Upton parted ways in 2015 due to instances of domestic violence.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Lynn Ngugi, Aida Alisha, widely recognized for her role in the television series “Mother-In-Law,” candidly shared her experience with her abusive former spouse.

Reflecting on their relationship, Alisha revealed, “He belonged to the Luo community, while I was Kikuyu. We knew each other for a year before tying the knot. It was after our marriage that I began noticing warning signs. Women would call him late at night, and I would confront them, demanding an explanation for their intrusion into my relationship. He would dismiss their calls, claiming they were still attached to him.”

The former “Mother-In-Law” actress expressed that her decision to marry Roy Upton was influenced by societal pressure, particularly from the church. “There’s a certain expectation from the church for individuals to wed. He was 28, and I was 21, lacking comprehensive knowledge and being at the pinnacle of my career,” she disclosed.

Aida Alisha went on to disclose that she believes her attraction to her former husband stemmed from a shared history of trauma. “In retrospect, I think we had a bond based on our traumatic experiences. His father was highly abusive, and the same was true for my own father. Back then, I wasn’t familiar with the concept of trauma bonding. When you grow up in an abusive environment, you tend to become either the abuser or the victim,” Alisha explained.

Furthermore, she added, “My mother courageously left my father due to his abusive nature. I’m eternally grateful for that decision, as it shaped me tremendously. Without her departure, I might have remained in my abusive marriage. It’s a fallacy to claim that a man’s love is only evident through physical abuse.”

In summary, Alisha and Roy Upton celebrated their marriage amidst a vibrant ceremony in August 2013. Sadly, their union was short-lived, ending in 2015 due to instances of domestic violence. Aida Alisha, known for her role in “Mother-In-Law,” opened up about her past relationship, shedding light on the pressures she faced and the shared trauma that may have contributed to their bond. She also emphasized the importance of recognizing that love should never be equated with physical abuse.