I caught my wife performing strange lungula with the caretaker

My name is Eliud and I was married to my wife for three years where we had one child. We lived in a three-storey building in Kileleshwa. We had lived there for one year and I really loved the place.

The landlord was in the United States and the caretaker was the one managing the rentals. He was a very arrogant person and he would sometimes even chase people out of the houses and I always tried to be in good side with him to avoid lots of drama. sitting with the worries of an uncertain future - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

I was however concerned of how he was giving my wife some suggestive glances each time we were passing by. He was always admiring her and looking for ways to talk to her. I warned my wife about it and she said I was being insecure and I should not worry about it.

“Come on hubby,do not worry about that. The caretaker does not want me. You are just being insecure,” she said.

I tried to let it pass but honestly, it did not. I knew something was going when I popped into my home one of the afternoons and I found him in the kitchen with my wife. They were not doing anything but just cooking while telling stories.

I had just rushed home that afternoon to pick some documents that were needed at work. As soon as they saw me, they stopped talking and my wife said hi. She helped me look for the documents at home. As soon as I found them, I left for work and this time, I was sure the caretaker wanted my wife and even probably having sex with her.

I decided to ensure that I investigate them properly to see if I would catch them doing anything. After going to work to work that day, I told some, my friends, about the suspicions I had about my wife and the caretaker. They told me the best way to catch a cheating partner was by using Doctor Mugwenu’s spells.

“Doctor Mugwenu is the answer to your problems since he will be able to stick them together when they have intercourse,” One of my friends said. it takes more than physical intimacy to connect a couple - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

He gave me Doctor Mugwenu’s number and asked me to set up an appointment soonest so as to meet him and get a spell. I called him later in the evening as I was on my way home and I requested to meet him that evening because I was so restless.

I met him that evening at his workplace and I thanked him first for being so considerate to the point of meeting me in the evening. He then performed his spell casting powers that would stick my wife and the caretaker together if they were having sex.

He further assured me his spells worked in less than 24 hours. I was kinda nervous because I was really hoping my wife was not cheating on me. But I resolved to wait and see what it would all happen.

The next morning, I left for work and left my wife in the house as usual. I reached work since it was not a far distance. Just when I was about to start working, my neighbour called me and told me to hurry in my house since there were people wailing in my house.

“I think your wife and the caretaker are wailing in your house. They keep saying they are stuck. Hurry and come check if everything is okay,” my neighbour said.

I stormed out of the office and rushed to my house. I was met by a horrific scene of my wife and the caretaker together, naked, stuck at the privates and wailing. They were having sex in my sitting room. I felt so broken because all along I knew he was after my wife. high cost of living - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

On seeing me, my wife called out to me and told me she was sorry. They were really in pain while stuck. Doctor Mugwenu later unstuck them and the neighbours beat the caretaker since they said he was always sleeping with people’s wives in the building. He was chased out and after few days the landlord appointed another caretaker.

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