Dancun Kobetbet: Watchman Who Became A Millionaire Making 2 Millions Per Month

Duncan Kobetbet stands as living proof that achieving millionaire status does not necessarily require investing millions. His journey serves as a testament to unwavering determination.

Kobetbet, now a millionaire and owner of a multi-million-dollar company earning him over 2 million shillings monthly, started his ascent from the humble role of a hotel watchman.

At the age of 40, employed in Nakuru, he received a meager monthly salary of Ksh. 5000, insufficient for sustaining himself and his family.

Fueled by a fierce determination to change his circumstances, Kobetbet began engaging with hotel clients to glean ideas. This led him to immerse himself in learning the intricacies of establishing a company.

Empowered by newfound knowledge, Kobetbet leveraged his savings to register Dango Five Security Services Ltd, marking the initiation of his entrepreneurial journey.

In an interview with a local TV station, he expressed, “I was determined to break free from the limitations of my watchman job. The income was insufficient for my family, so I sought knowledge from friends frequenting the hotel.”

His first venture proved transformative, paving the way for his remarkable success. Reflecting on this pivotal moment, Kobetbet shared, “My initial client offered Ksh. 8000. After paying a guard Ksh. 5000, I had Ksh. 3000 left. It made me think, if I could earn Ksh. 3000 from one client, how much could I earn with 150 clients? The answer was Ksh. 150,000.”

Duncan Kobetbet expanded his business outreach by approaching offices and institutions in search of clients. Following advice from business acquaintances, he created brochures to effectively market Dango Five Security Services Ltd.

Today, the company stands as a well-established entity with a significant presence in Nairobi, Baringo, Eldoret, and Kericho. With a workforce of over 200 security guards, Kobetbet’s annual earnings amount to approximately Ksh. 2 million.

In sharing his wisdom with the youth, Kobetbet encourages them to recognize opportunities for making a living without requiring substantial initial investments. He emphasizes that not everyone will secure traditional employment opportunities, and creating one’s path is a viable alternative. As he puts it, “My dream was to be a billionaire. Positions may not always be readily available, and not everyone will have the opportunity for traditional employment. Creating your own opportunity is key to making a living.”