Rotten Eggs; MP Ngunjiri Tells Tuju, Murathe to leave Jubilee Secretariat.

The Nyeri Town MP, Kimani Ngunjiri has said that it’s time for David Murathe and Raphael Tuju to leave the Jubilee Party.

Ngunjiri in a statement on Thursday, August 19, accused the two of turning Jubilee to a militia and a dictatorship party.

“What we have seen and learnt is that Tuju and Murathe will not get Jubilee to 2022 if left to their own devices,” he said.

“They have been working very hard to create the perception that Jubilee is a dictatorship and Uhuru is a dictator, so that they can operate with impunity and/or not be held to account for their personal mistakes at the party.”

Ngunjiri said that the two officials have been acting behind the scenes and making it look like President Kenyatta is the one issuing orders behind the curtains.

Responding to the claims, Jubilee’s secretary general, Raphael Tuju said that he cannot argue with his employers.

“Those are my employers, I don’t argue with my employer’s people,” Tuju told a local daily.