Pastor Nga’ng’a Reveals That He Has Sired Over 70 Kids With Different Women.

Controversial city pastor and Neno Evangelist founder, James Nga’ng’a has revealed that he has sired over 70 children with different women from different cultures.

Speaking in one of his services, the pastor revealed about his troubled marriage with the late wife and opened up about his second wife, Loise Murugi.

I tried everything and when I say I have over 70 children, I mean it. I have 30 in Ukambani, twenty something in Mombasa, Nyandarua and Murang’a. One left with a seven-month pregnancy took her clothes and she never came back. I had to call myself into a meeting.

”I am the fifth born in my family. My two brothers left their wives, went and got married to other men, two of my younger brothers, their wives died. My first wife died as well and I got married again, she has run away more than 16 times, Kiguu na Njia…”

”I had to call myself a meeting. I decided to take one of her clothes and her photo and took it in a prayer room and asked God to bring her back. I have married her officially. After that prayer, she has never left my home.

I asked God to ensure that my wife gets back to me. He should not let the lion lose its catch that easily. I forgot she had never been a wife before

he said.

Nga’ng’a was sharing a sermon with his congregants about generation curse.