“Sijaona importance gari, mimi hupanda matatu kuenda Job, sipendi pressure ya life.”~ Mulamwah

In Mulamwah’s perspective on car ownership, he candidly expresses his current stance on not purchasing a car, deeming it non-essential in his current life circumstances. The Kenyan comedian emphasizes that he fails to recognize the significance of owning a car at this point in his life. Instead, he relies on matatus for his daily commute to work, showcasing a practical and perhaps environmentally conscious approach to transportation. This choice aligns with his belief that a car does not hold paramount importance in his day-to-day activities.

Mulamwah sheds light on his transportation preferences, indicating a preference for matatus during his routine commute and reserving the use of cabs exclusively for crucial meetings. This pragmatic approach reflects a balance between cost-effective, communal transportation and the occasional need for private, convenient travel. By articulating his specific criteria for utilizing a cab, Mulamwah provides insight into his thought process when navigating his transportation choices. This nuanced perspective underscores his discerning attitude towards car ownership and highlights the selective nature of his decisions related to personal transportation.

In summarizing Mulamwah’s viewpoint, it becomes evident that he views car ownership as currently non-essential, opting for alternative modes of transportation that align with his present lifestyle. His reliance on matatus for everyday commuting and the occasional use of cabs for important meetings exemplifies a practical and calculated approach to transportation, reflecting a balance between convenience and necessity in his life.