Edday Nderitu: Polygamy only works,in hell -

Edday Nderitu: Polygamy only works,in hell

On April 3, 2023, Edday Nderitu and Samidoh, a popular Mugithi singer, set aside their differences to celebrate their daughter’s birthday with a pink-themed party. The pictures of the event were shared on social media and quickly caught the attention of Kenyans online. Some praised the couple for prioritizing their child’s happiness, while others suggested that Edday had accepted polygamy, as Samidoh had been seen with Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu a few weeks prior.

Nyamu had even shared photos of herself and Samidoh, with a caption that read, “A good dad deserves many children.” However, Edday made it clear that her post had nothing to do with her stance on polygamy, as some of her followers suggested.

One of Edday’s followers commented, “Polygamy works,” to which she responded, “Yeah in hell.” Another follower asked Edday to allow Karen to post pictures with Samidoh since she had accepted polygamy, but Edday requested her fans not to mix the issues and clarified that the birthday party and her views on polygamy were not related.

In February of the same year, Edday had accused Samidoh of humiliating her on social media. She stated that their 15-year marriage had been full of ups and downs, but the past three years had been painful. Despite the disrespect and humiliation, Edday claimed to have remained faithful to Samidoh. She also made it clear that she would not raise her children in a polygamous setting, seemingly blaming Nyamu for breaking up her family.

Nyamu has been accused of being a problem in Samidoh’s marriage, but she has repeatedly denied the allegations, claiming that she has more to offer than the drama she is associated with.