Drama as Meru man buys dairy cow without teeth

A dramatic incident unfolded today in Kinoro, Meru County when a farmer found himself in a predicament after buying a toothless cow.

According to sources, Mwiti purchased a cow worth Ksh. 65,000 from a seller named Kinyua, under the influence of a persuasive broker. Mwiti revealed that he had used his hard-earned savings from his personal account to make the purchase.

Having harbored aspirations of becoming a successful dairy farmer, Mwiti embarked on a week-long quest to find a suitable dairy cow. He had yearned for the opportunity to shift his focus from menial jobs to the world of dairy farming. Recounting his experience, he said, “I informed Kinoti (the broker) that I had Ksh. 60,000 and I was in search of a high-yielding dairy cow. I was overjoyed at the prospect of transitioning from odd jobs to a dairy farming venture. After five days, he called me with news that he had found an ideal cow in Kiangua.”

Mwiti initially thought the cow looked promising. Its udders appeared full, embodying everything he had sought in a dairy cow. “The cow seemed fine at first glance. They insisted that Ksh. 60,000 was below their asking price. After some negotiations, I was compelled to add an extra Ksh. 5,000,” he added.

The Nightmare Cow Upon bringing the cow home, Mwiti hurried to his farm to collect napier grass, eagerly anticipating his cow’s first feeding. To his surprise, the cow displayed no interest in eating. Mwiti attributed this behavior to fatigue.

On the second day, the cow still refused to eat. Worried, he sought the assistance of a veterinarian, which led to the revelation of a distressing truth.

“I contacted a vet to examine the cow’s health condition. After making observations and conducting examinations, I couldn’t believe what I heard – my cow didn’t have a single tooth,” Mwiti exclaimed in dismay.

Mwiti’s attempts to seek redress from Kinoti, the broker, proved fruitless. When he called the seller seeking assistance, he received a callous response: “Did you think I was joking with the cow, laughing while checking its teeth?”

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