“Hamtaona 2058 wakenya”:Yesu Wa Tongaren Makes Comeback With Prophecy To Kenyans

Eliud Wekesa, commonly known as Yesu wa Tongaren, has re-emerged after a period of silence, bringing forth a new prophecy that has stirred mixed reactions among netizens. During his absence from the public eye, it appears that the self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ has been diligently seeking new revelations to share with his followers. His latest prophecy, however, has left many feeling unsettled.

Having declared himself the ‘son of God’ with the mission of guiding humanity, Yesu wa Tongaren made his pronouncement on March 19th, forecasting that a significant portion of the current generation will not live to see the year 2058. He emphasized his commitment to abstaining from substances like bhang and alcohol, framing his prophecy within the context of societal longevity rather than an apocalyptic end.

This announcement from Yesu wa Tongaren follows closely on the heels of another prophecy by a prophet associated with Healing FM. This prediction foretells the untimely demise of a well-known Kenyan woman, residing in Europe and active on TikTok, due to undisclosed health issues. The prophecy suggests that this tragic event will unfold during a live broadcast, urging viewers to remain vigilant.

The juxtaposition of these prophecies underscores the enduring fascination and concern surrounding individuals who claim to possess divine insight. While Yesu wa Tongaren’s prophecy elicits a sense of foreboding about the future, the specificity of the TikTok-related prophecy highlights the intrigue and skepticism often associated with such declarations.

As these prophecies circulate through various channels, they prompt reflection on mortality, destiny, and the role of faith in navigating an uncertain world. Whether viewed with belief, skepticism, or a combination of both, these pronouncements serve as poignant reminders of humanity’s perennial quest for understanding and meaning in the face of life’s mysteries.