63-year-old NAUGHTY Bishop marrie's an 18-year-old choir girl (PHOTOs).

63-year-old NAUGHTY Bishop marrie’s an 18-year-old choir girl (PHOTOs).

A Nigerian bishop, distinguished as bishop Peter Tom Udofia, has sparked mixed responses online after wedding a girl who is young enough to be his daughter.

Bishop Udofia, aged 63, is the General Overseer of the Way of Salvation Church of Jesus Christ and the woman he wedded sings in the choir.

The wedding was held last month however the photographs surfaced online recently.

The 18 year-old-woman will be his second wife.

Many across the web called out the pastor for using his position as a man of God to mislead young ladies

Most of Netizens felt that the age gap between the bishop and the girl is too big.