“Ulituosha!” Netizens Upset As Shusha Nyavu Streaming Link Fails Churchill, Christina Shusho New Year Show

Gospel music enthusiasts in Kenya were eagerly looking forward to ringing in the new year with the electrifying performance by Christina Shusho. However, the anticipation quickly turned into frustration for numerous fans who had paid 300 Ksh to stream the highly awaited “Shusha Nyavu” cross-over show, only to face technical difficulties with the provided link.

The event, hosted at Garden City Mall, drew a sizable crowd, creating an atmosphere of excitement for those unable to attend in person. Unfortunately, those who chose the streaming option found themselves locked out of the virtual experience due to a malfunctioning link, resulting in widespread disappointment.

Social media platforms were flooded with angry comments as disgruntled fans expressed their discontent. Many believed they had missed out on the highlight moments of the show and demanded refunds, accusing the organizers, including popular comedian Churchill, of deceiving and cheating them.

In response to the backlash, Churchill addressed the issue, acknowledging a connectivity problem that affected some viewers. He assured the audience that the technical glitch had been resolved and promised those affected that they would get the chance to watch the entire show.

Despite the inconvenience, Churchill’s prompt response and efforts to resolve the situation were aimed at appeasing the disgruntled audience.

Christina Shusho, a Tanzanian gospel sensation, has a dedicated following in Kenya for both her soul-stirring music and beauty. While the unfortunate streaming mishap may have dampened the online viewers’ experience, overall, it was still considered a good time.