” Ni Photocopy Ya Mulamwah Kabisaa” Kenyans React To Keilah Muthoni’s Photos.

Carol Sonnie, the former girlfriend and mother of Mulamwah’s child, recently took to her Instagram page to showcase pictures of their grown-up daughter, Keilah Muthooni. This move sparked a considerable response from Kenyans, with many expressing their opinions on the striking resemblance between Keilah and Mulamwah.

The romantic relationship between Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah came to an end in 2022, marking a painful breakup that required time for both parties to heal. During their time together, the couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Keilah Oyando.

Following the breakup, Carol decided to change her name to Muthooni, asserting that Mulamwah had disowned her, and she was solely responsible for supporting Keilah. This decision stirred controversy, but Mulamwah chose to maintain a calm demeanor amidst the public discourse.

When Carol shared images of Keilah on Instagram, the platform became abuzz with discussions. Kenyans did not hesitate to assert that Keilah is, indeed, Mulamwah’s daughter, pointing out the undeniable resemblance between them. The revelation added an intriguing layer to the ongoing narrative surrounding the former couple’s relationship and the dynamics within their family.