Stephen Mukangai: From poor Toilet Cleaner In  Kibera Slums To Best Sports Journalist in kenya

Stephen Mukangai, a prominent sports commentator and journalist in Kenya, traversed a challenging path to achieve his current success. Hailing from Malava, Kakamega County, Mukangai’s journey commenced in his village’s primary school, followed by his enrollment at Ingotse High School. He further honed his skills at Multimedia University of Kenya, focusing on journalism.

However, upon relocating to Nairobi in 2008, Mukangai encountered formidable obstacles. Struggling to sustain himself, he resorted to menial jobs, including working as a sanitation worker in the Kibera slums. Additionally, he engaged in construction work for a brief period, though its inconsistency often left him grappling with hunger.

Undeterred by these adversities, Mukangai persisted in his pursuit. A fortuitous encounter with presenter Hassan Mwana wa Ali proved pivotal, ultimately leading to an opportunity at Standard Media Group. His debut as a sports commentator during a match between Ulinzi Stars and Red Berets in 2010 showcased his aptitude for the role, affirming his merit.

Mukangai’s resilience yielded significant dividends as he ascended within Standard Media Group, emerging as a distinguished figure in sports journalism. His acclaim burgeoned, paralleled by a commensurate increase in his earnings, estimated to range between KSH 300,000 to 400,000 monthly.