I was a wild child,My parents could not tell me anything-Almasi confesses

I was a wild child -Mchachari Almasi confesses

Child star Ian Nene, who played the role of Almasi on TV show Machachari has narrated how his rebellious teen years were the impetus to his decision to join Hinduism.

“I did not really have a manual, I free balled everything. I was a wild kid. My parents could not tell me anything and I did what the hell I wanted to do,” Almasi said.

Adding, “As time went on, I realised I did not know what the hell I was doing with my life. I had made such rash decisions. Decisions that seemed unchangeable, that I could not do much about tarnished my relationships, my circumstances, my reputation.”

Almasi explained, “I felt like I was tarnishing my life. Up until a few years ago I came into contact with the Bhaktivedanta and got to understand that actually I can change all that around.

Furthermore situate myself in the ideal mentality and have the right principles and manual to carry on with my life.”

Almasi who is currently a spiritual leader in the religion added, “Bhaktivedanta transformed me made me a better person, a more introspective person and a more loving person

It made me understand what love truly means.”