Gatonye Wa Mbugu Message To Kikuyu Artists Concerning The Ongoing Murder Sagas

Gatonye Wa Mbugu’s Message To Kikuyu Artists Concerning The Ongoing Murder Sagas.

If you are a fan of kikuyu radio stations and their programs you might have come across this famous radio presenter called Gatonye Wa Mbugua who works at Kameme Fm and hosts a breakfast show called “Arahuka” alongside Muthee Kiengei.

Now Gatonye has sent a message to the Kikuyu artists due to the ongoing and increasing murder cases or sagas that are associated with them. Kikuyu artists have been involved in many murder sagas which soil their names.

The recent case is that of a famous Gospel artist and a pastor called Mirugi Dishon who is the main suspect in the murder of his fellow pastor called Pastor Elizabeth Githinji. Also, another trending case is that of a famous secular artist called DJ Fatxo who is also the main suspect in the murder of a young boy called Jeff Mwathi.

Now Gatonye has told the Kikuyu artist that they should call a meeting for themselves and try to find out what is the cause of their problems because the actions they are being engaged with are not good at all.