65-Year-Old MZEE Arrested For Raping His 85-Year Stepmother Says, ‘nilikuwa an Dryspell ya Mwaka mzima’

A 65-year-old man, identified as njoroge, has been apprehended by authorities following allegations of forcibly entering his 85-year-old stepmother’s room. The incident, which occurred on January 16, purportedly involved njoroge entering the victim’s room under the guise of assisting her with applying medicinal treatment to her ailing legs, a task he frequently undertakes due to her leg pains….CONTINUE READING

According to police reports, after applying herbal medicine to her legs, the victim claimed that njoroge proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse with her against her will, on two separate occasions.

Subsequently, njoroge attempted to evade capture by retreating into hiding. However, law enforcement officers were able to locate and apprehend him. He is set to face charges of rape and assault in connection with the incident.

njoroge is scheduled to appear in court for arraignment on Monday, where further legal proceedings will take place.