Man arrested for invading school with a cutlass to att*ck a teacher who beat his daughter.

A man has been arrested after he stormed a school with a cutlass to attack a teacher who allegedly beat his daughter.

The 35-year-old Nigerian man identified as Abidemi Oluwaseum is said to have stormed Baptist Girls College in company of two friends ready for action against the teacher who beat his 15-year-old daughter.

According to a police report, the man in company of Fayesele Olabanji 25, and Alebiosu Quawiyu, 24, stormed the school demanding that the teacher be paraded so as to serve as an example.

The School’s principal informed the area police and the suspects were arrested within the school compound.

Upon interrogations, the man confessed to hiring the two men to teach the teacher a lesson for beating his daughter.

Reports indicate that while the teacher was busy teaching, some students and the suspects daughter were mocking him.

The principal said that the teacher had flogged the children as a corrective measure.