Martha Karua Reacts To Martha Koome's Nomination As The Next Chief Justice
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Martha Karua Reacts To Martha Koome’s Nomination As The Next Chief Justice.

Many had pressured Martha Karua to become the country’s third Chief Justice under Kenyan Constitution (2010).

For reasons she did not make public, she never applied for the position and coincidentally, another Martha has now clinched the position.

Martha Karua is also a strong defender for women empowerment and Kenyans were curious what she would make of the momentous announcement.

“Congratulations Martha Koome chief Justice unanimous decision is not only momentous but also of great significance to the country. Wishing her the best in the confirmation process for,” she tweeted.

Karua thanked the judicial service commission for unanimously approving Martha Koome. She also highlighted how this moment was of signifance to the country.

She finally wished her namesake the best as she serves the nation as the head of judiciary.

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