Husbands should pay wife's nothing less than KSh 400k -Kamene Goro -
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Husbands should pay wife’s nothing less than KSh 400k -Kamene Goro

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro has said that housewives ought to be paid salaries for the works they do in their homes.

Talking during her morning show, Kamene claimed that Kenyan housewives merit no less than KSh400,000 as a reward for their services in the house..

She clarified that housewives simplify life for their spouses by ensuring they are comfortable.

To make her statement, Kamene revealed that before her marriage ended she used to make and deliver lunch to her ex-lover every day.

The media girl said the “tedious experience” was demanding like a job.

“We used to have a kitchen garden so I used to go to the shamba and pick managu, terere and all those traditional vegetables because he wouldn’t eat food which was not prepared by me. Before you know it, here comes midday so I pack the lunch, hop into the car and go deliver the food to his office.”

“I would wait to pick the containers after he was done eating and only then could I leave for the house. And of course, if he needed some errands done or if I had to go by the supermarket then I’d have to do those before I got back to the house,” Kamene disclosed.