“Baba yangu hawezi ongea mbele yangu” – KRG The Don reveals the family person who made him rich

During a recent podcast, the musician known as KRG The Don revealed the source of his immense wealth. Contrary to popular belief, he claims to be a billionaire, not just joking around when he claims to be the richest musician in the country. Despite not achieving much success in his music career, he has been seen driving expensive cars and dining in upscale restaurants, leading some Kenyans to question his true source of wealth.

While rumors have circulated that he is the owner of the Casavera club on Ngong Road, KRG has never publicly discussed his wealth until now. He claims that his riches began when he inherited his grandmother’s entire estate just one month before he was born. According to KRG, his grandmother had blessed his mother, saying that the child to be born would inherit her property, and that child turned out to be KRG himself.

In addition to the inheritance, KRG also secured a lucrative contract in 2014 to supply raw materials for the construction of the SGR from Ukambani to Nairobi. This deal brought him millions of dollars and enabled him to live in a mansion befitting a billionaire. KRG proudly boasted that he was responsible for bringing sand and pebbles from Makindu to the construction site, a job he held from 2014 to 2016.

KRG exuded confidence as he spoke about his wealth, revealing that even his father defers to him when discussing the family’s history. He credits his success to his grandmother’s foresight and his own hard work, and he remains proud of his accomplishments despite his lack of musical success.