Gachagua’s Insult Pushes More People To Raila’s Camp

Gachagua’s Nyeri Insult Pushes More People To Raila’s Camp

Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua – the man said to have been tapped to be Ruto’s running mate – is driving an ever increasing number of people to Raila’s side thanks to his stupid insults.

During Ruto’s tour in Nyeri on Sunday, Gachagua brutally assaulted Kieni MP Kanini Kega for supporting Raila Odinga.

The Mathira MP used defamatory language by comparing Kanini Kega to somebody who might do anything like a lapdog to satisfy Raila.

Gachagua’s words however annoyed many. Kameme FM breakfast show host Gatonye wa Mbugua and Muthee Kiengei hit out at Mathira MP saying he was messed up to use such language on his fellow MP.

“I am very bitter with the Mathira MP for attacking his fellow man in front of children, women and elders using vulgar language. Those words should not come from a mouth of a man of his age. The Agikuyu community may forget but will never forgive him,” said Kiengei.

On his part, Gatonye said all leaders partnered to Ruto, particularly those from Mt Kenya, were used to using hostile comments on their opponents, adding that their interest for power is suspicious.

“If they can abuse and utter such words now when they have not in power, what will happen if they are elected? And why do they spew out indecent remarks when only campaigning in Mt Kenya? These are some of questions our people need to ask themselves about this group,” Gatonye said.