“Walituzaa,I owe them”: Kericho Woman gifts her Mothers Two identical KSh 3.8m Toyota Harriers

A young woman has deeply moved the hearts of her two beloved mothers by presenting them with their dream cars.

Becky Koskey orchestrated a heartfelt surprise, leaving her mother and stepmother in tears as they discovered identical cars awaiting them. The bond between these two women was profound, characterized by shared interests in cars, fashion, and decor.

Recounting the inspiration behind her generous gesture, Koskey, a mother of two, revealed that both women had separately expressed admiration for her sister’s Toyota Harrier. Intriguingly, each had independently disclosed their desire to own a similar vehicle if given the chance. Koskey, touched by their sentiments, took it upon herself to fulfill their unspoken wishes.

Embarking on the quest in August 2023, Koskey aimed to secure matching cars with sunroofs, identical colors, and distinguishable only by their number plates. Despite the challenges of navigating various car bazaars, she successfully acquired 2016 models, with only the colors differing, and presented the surprise at her sister’s engagement party.

The revelation left the mothers astonished and emotional, thinking initially that the cars were gifts for Koskey’s sister. Valued at KSh 3.8 million each, the vehicles represented a token of gratitude for the unwavering support and care the mothers had provided during Koskey’s recovery from a stroke and throughout her upbringing.

In a similar vein, another heartwarming story unfolded when Winny Jepkemei, returning from Australia, surprised her parents in Eldoret with a luxurious car. Expressing deep appreciation for their selfless love and sacrifices, Jepkemei gifted her parents the magnificent car as a testament to their unwavering support, despite their humble background.