Meet Kenyan 6 years old Grade 1 child,TT Comedian makes over Ksh 3 Million from YouTube per month

TT Comedian, also known as Terence Mwamadi, emerges as a standout comedic talent within the online sphere in Kenya, captivating audiences at the tender age of 6. His humor has not only garnered widespread recognition in his home country but has also transcended borders, earning him acclaim throughout Africa. He shares the spotlight with illustrious figures like Emmanuella and Auntie Success from Nigeria, celebrated for their contributions to Mark Angel Comedy.

Currently, TT Comedian holds the distinction of having the highest number of YouTube subscribers among online comedians in Kenya, amassing an impressive following of over 823k subscribers from various corners of the globe. This global appeal significantly contributes to his substantial earnings from the platform, reportedly amounting to millions of Kenyan shillings.

According to YouTube payment statistics, TT Comedian’s monthly income surpasses Ksh. 3 million, with fluctuations observed between Ksh. 1 million and 4.7 million. Notably, he achieves these remarkable figures by uploading only three videos per week, each garnering millions of views.

Despite his youthful age, TT Comedian has already attained millionaire status. As a first-grader and the elder of two siblings, he captured widespread attention during the Covid-19 pandemic. Within a mere two years of entering the comedy scene, he secured a lucrative deal as the brand ambassador for Superloaf, a partnership that has propelled him to substantial wealth.

Presently residing with his parents in Kitengela, Kajiado County, TT Comedian’s mother, an actress, and his father, a director, have played pivotal roles in shaping TT’s brand and catapulting him to millionaire status at such a remarkably young age.