Andrew Kibe: Nitakula Mungai Eve na Nilipe Boyfriend Yake.

Andrew Kibe, a highly controversial content creator and YouTuber, has once again sparked a wave of controversy with his recent statements. During a live session on YouTube, Kibe discussed the potential repercussions of his return to Kenya, mentioning individuals with whom he has had conflicts and speculating on their reactions upon his arrival.

One of the individuals embroiled in a particularly bitter feud with Kibe is Mungai Eve and her boyfriend, Director Trevor. Mungai Eve took the drastic step of blocking Andrew Kibe on all her social media platforms due to his consistent insults directed towards her and Trevor.

Kibe confidently asserted that Director Trevor and Mungai Eve would be among those seeking an interview with him upon his return. He shared his anticipation of making eye contact with Mungai Eve’s boyfriend and provoking him to physically assault him, as Trevor had openly expressed his intention to do so once Kibe set foot in Kenya.

Furthermore, Kibe stated that he anticipated Trevor’s unease and planned to offer him some money as a mere gesture of goodwill, only to subsequently engage in an intimate relationship with Mungai Eve.

It is essential to note that Kibe expressed these sentiments in a vulgar manner, emphasizing that he was not joking and that his words should be taken seriously. However, it should be emphasized that this hypothetical scenario would only transpire if Kibe decides to return to Kenya, as he is presently residing in the United States for an undisclosed period of time.