Felicity Shiru defends Thee Pluto over cheating allegations

In a recent interview on June 11, content creator Felicity Shiru addressed the ongoing controversy surrounding her relationship with her baby daddy, Thee Pluto. Breaking her silence on the matter, Felicity revealed intriguing details about the allegations of cheating and attempts to conceal the information.

According to Felicity, Thee Pluto initially brought a blog post to her attention, which accused him of infidelity. However, she admittedly didn’t pay much heed to it at the time, as her focus was elsewhere. She went on to explain that a while later, an unknown individual contacted her, claiming to possess incriminating evidence of Thee Pluto’s alleged cheating. Unfortunately, this evidence was never presented, leaving the situation unresolved.

Felicity maintained that she didn’t react strongly to the rumors surrounding Pluto’s supposed infidelity, as she believed there was an intentional effort to tarnish his reputation and sabotage their relationship. She further clarified that baseless rumors of Pluto’s involvement in online scams were entirely false and unfounded.

“Considering the facts and Pluto’s explanations, everything made sense to me because I was aware of his whereabouts. So, that story didn’t add up,” Felicity explained, emphasizing her logical perspective on the matter.

Despite the cheating allegations, Felicity expressed her acceptance of Thee Pluto and dismissed speculations of an impending breakup. She asserted that people may have anticipated a separation, but that was not the case.

Adding to the controversy surrounding their relationship, YouTuber Andrew Kibe made public statements after the birth of Felicity’s baby girl in November 2022, claiming that the child was not Thee Pluto’s. Kibe even offered to cover the expenses of a DNA test to support his assertion. However, Felicity found the claims amusing, as she was well aware of the truth. She expressed confusion about the motives behind such allegations.

Felicity did disclose that Pluto approached her to discuss the accusations, but it did not escalate to the point of pursuing a DNA test to address the matter definitively.