”Nikakufa Leo Diamond Shouldn’t Attend My Burial, Amenitupa Kama Takataka” Diamond Platnumzs Father Cries Out For Help.

Mzee Nasib Abdul, widely recognized as the biological father of Africa’s renowned Bongo Flavour artist, Diamond Platnumz, has finally decided to shed light on his life circumstances and the reasons behind his struggles despite his son’s immense wealth.

Having been in the public eye for some time now, it’s apparent to many that his son, Diamond Platnumz, has not been providing him with support. Instead, Diamond has chosen to support his mother, Mama Dang’ote, who has been living a luxurious lifestyle courtesy of her son’s wealth.

In an interview with an online media outlet, Nasib refuted rumors questioning his paternity of Diamond Platnumz. He affirmed that he possesses all the necessary evidence to prove his relationship with Diamond and emphasized his active presence in Diamond’s life during his formative years. However, a disagreement between himself and Mama Dang’ote led to their separation.

Nasib expressed his lack of issue with Diamond supporting Mama Dang’ote, but he appealed for equal consideration from his son. He emphasized that the conflict was solely between himself and Mama Dang’ote, not involving Diamond.

Remaining composed, Nasib acknowledged his struggles while being aware of his son’s millionaire status. He expressed his acceptance of the situation, acknowledging the transient nature of wealth and emphasizing the insignificance of material possessions in the grand scheme of life. He stated that should he pass away, Diamond should refrain from attending his funeral, as he feels abandoned by his son.

Nasib asserted his dignity by refusing to beg for support, attributing his circumstances to the will of a higher power.