Zuchu’s Mother Reveals That She Is Being Hit On By Mostly Younger Boys.

Tanzanian songstress Khadija Kopa, who happens to be the mother of the up-and-coming singer Zuchu, recently shared that she’s been approached predominantly by younger suitors.

In a candid conversation when questioned about her romantic life, Kopa expressed, “I do encounter them, but I’m not interested in younger men. God hasn’t blessed me with mature companions, and I’m uncertain why,” as disclosed to Wasafi FM.

She further remarked, “The youth of today lack inhibition.”

Regarding her response to their advances, she stated, “I inform them that they’re too young for me. They’re not suitable for me, and I advise them to seek companions of their own age… I simply don’t have the time for it.”

Emphasizing her preference, she concluded by stating her desire for a partner aged 50 or above.

Meanwhile, Kopa garnered attention earlier this year for her remarks disavowing any recognition of the relationship between Zuchu and Diamond.

She asserted that she only acknowledges relationships that adhere to customary protocols, such as the payment of dowry.

“I am not familiar with their relationship. Because relationships, as we elders understand them through our cultural traditions, are recognized when one goes through the process of paying dowry. But relationships outside of that, I am unaware of. For details, please ask them directly,” she conveyed to Wasafi Media.