Pritty Vishy Shares The Reason On Why She Would Never Reveal Her New Boyfriend To The Public

Kenyan Content Creator Prity Vishy recently revealed her decision to keep her new partner off camera. During an episode of Behind the Tattoo with Journalist Silva Kido, she candidly explained her reasoning, stating that the public is filled with negativity and varying expectations regarding appearances.

Vishy emphasized that she would never reveal her real boyfriend to the public, as she believes people often impose their ideal images of how a partner should look and how a relationship should be. She expressed concern that these opinions from outsiders could lead to unnecessary interference and control over the couple’s lives, ultimately straining the relationship.

She observed that such unwanted interference from the public has led to the demise of many relationships, irrespective of the genuine feelings between the couple. The pressure and judgments from others tend to take a toll on the partners’ bond, resulting in unfortunate breakups.

Presently, Prity Vishy is involved with someone she has chosen not to disclose or discuss publicly. In the past, she was known to be in a relationship with Kenyan artist Stevo Simple Boy, but they eventually went their separate ways due to undisclosed personal reasons. Since then, she has been in and out of relationships, some of which have been relatively short-lived. Despite a recent announcement about her previous breakup, Vishy now prefers to maintain a level of privacy surrounding her love life.