From Being a Villager in Murang’a To Millionaire in Nairobi: Mungai Eve Narrates Her Journey As a YouTuber

Mungai Eve, a well-known YouTuber, made a life-changing decision towards the end of 2020 after months of idleness in her village near Murang’a. As a college student, she found herself with nothing to do during the extended break imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With her boyfriend, Director Trevor, ready to host her in his modest rental house, the main challenge was convincing her parents to allow her to move from the village to the city. However, her parents were not willing to consider her staying with her partner.

“I told my mom and dad that I had secured a job in a boutique. It was a lie, I was simply tired of village life,” she revealed during a recent interview on her channel with temporary presenter Celestine Ndinda.

Interestingly, Mungai Eve had not yet decided what she wanted to do with her life, despite Trevor’s suggestion that she start a YouTube channel.

Initially, she was hesitant about the idea, but Trevor persisted until she finally agreed.

“Trevor set up the YouTube channel and even named it after me (Mungai Eve). I asked him why my name and not his, and he said I had no choice but to start,” she explained.

They began uploading videos that Trevor had filmed and edited. The Mungai Eve brand experienced gradual growth, but everything changed in June 2021 when they uploaded highlights from top musician Bahati’s album launch.

“The launch was our major breakthrough. After sharing the videos we took there, we garnered over 500,000 views. That was the first time we earned significant money on YouTube,” she recalled, her face lighting up with a charming smile.

Since then, Mungai Eve has never looked back. She and her boyfriend worked tirelessly to expand the brand.

Eve emphasizes that although the YouTube channel bears her name, she shares ownership with her fiancé.

“There are many people who think I fund Trevor’s lifestyle and may eventually leave him, but the truth is, he does the majority of the work. Some people try to belittle him, which I find very disrespectful,” the vlogger explained.

Currently, Eve and Trevor boast an impressive 633,000 subscribers on their channel and make approximately Ksh1 million per month. They generate income through YouTube advertisements and endorsements, with a prominent betting firm currently serving as their largest client.