Crazy Kennar Mourns The Death of His Newborn Son

Kenyan content creator Kennedy Odhiambo, widely known as Crazy Kennar, is currently grieving the loss of his newborn son. The heartbreaking revelation was shared by Crazy Kennar during one of his episodes of the “Happy Country” show.

In the midst of hosting the show, Crazy Kennar opened up about the profound sadness he has been experiencing since the passing of his son just four days ago. Despite grappling with this personal tragedy, he remained dedicated to his work on the show.

Addressing his audience, Crazy Kennar emphasized the significance of reaching out to others, recognizing that people often mask their struggles behind smiles on social media and in public. He encouraged everyone to be vigilant and supportive, stating, “Unfortunately, my son passed away four days ago. It has been an incredibly challenging journey for me. We had to navigate through that difficult time while continuing with the show. As happy citizens, my plea is that when you see someone smiling on the outside, take a moment to ask if they are truly okay. Let’s be each other’s keepers and foster a culture of love and support.”

Known for his role as a mental health ambassador, Crazy Kennar has consistently advocated for emotional well-being and has actively worked towards eradicating depression, especially among the youth. His platform, ‘Happy Country,’ serves as a means to promote mental health awareness.

Crazy Kennar has been in a longstanding relationship with Natalie Asewe, and their bond extends back to their childhood years.

In light of this tragic loss, heartfelt condolences are extended to Kennar and Natalie. May the soul of their young child rest in peace.